"Can I use your art as a tattoo?"

This is probably one of the most common questions/compliments I receive as an artist.  Both at live events and online.

Here's the thing, while I am flattered that you would like to display my artwork permanently on your body,  keep in mind that in doing this, another artist is being paid for my original work, and most likely, putting my original work in their own portfolio, while I get nothing for the work and thought put into the artwork. That sounds a bit unfair, as my gallery artwork is my full time profession. I can't allow my work to be used for free, although it is a huge compliment! So, the answer is yes on a few select terms.

If you would like to use my work as a tattoo, I charge a $65 licensing fee as a one time use for one tattoo. I also have a short contract for your artist to sign agreeing the work will be credited properly if used in a portfolio, and that they will not tattoo the same piece on another person without my permission. This is more affordable than getting custom work designed, but ensures all involved are properly supported. The copyright is retained entirely by the original artist (myself) and will continue to appear in books, prints and merchandise. This licensing fee is ONLY for tattoos, to use my work for other purposes/commercial use requires a different license. This only applies to pre-existing artworks, please use the contact form for information about custom work.


That being said,  this is an honor system, if you truly enjoy my work, you would want to support the artist who made it. I will include a free signed print of the chosen piece as my own thank you for your support, and for enjoying my art so much you want to publicly display it on your body!



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