What are your mediums?

I pride myself as a traditional artist, as in I primarily work in real life mediums, such as paint, graphite, ink, etc. Most of my pieces are Acrylic, however I am well versed in many different mediums. Message me if you have any questions!

Digital logo designs are typically hand drawn, scanned, and turned into a finished,vector image. 

High resolution digital versions of all commission work will be provided for no extra fee.


If I commission a painting, can I sell the design on merchandise?

This depends a lot on the commissioned artwork and terms! But a separate licensing fee or royalty payments will be applied to grant you the rights to use the image for merchandise. Along with a licensing contract that must be signed before the work may be reproduced. If you wish to own the entire copyright to an image, it has to be purchased and signed over by the artist. Artwork for merchandise will be treated as licensing unless otherwise specified. A sample contract can be found here.

Can I discuss art or Business via Phone call?

No. I do not take phone calls. ALL inquiries must be made in writing via email in writing. This helps with organization and accuracy.

When is my payment due?

I require a 50% down payment on all commission artwork, and the total payment is due upon completion of your artwork. A $15 late fee will be applied if payment is not made after 7 days of the completion of your artwork.

Can I request Changes?

Sure! Of course I understand that sometimes it takes a few adjustments to make a vision come to life. I allow up to 3 changes (within reason, a change does not mean a whole new piece) to a piece after I have sent you my finished product. Changes must be requested within 7 days of receiving the digital copy of your piece. After 3 changes, a $15 fee will be added for each additional adjustment. Any changes requested after the 7 day period will add the $15 fee, regardless of prior changes made.

Do you paint any styles other than your gallery art?

Yes! This website is intended to Accurately represent me as an artist, putting heavy emphasis on my original creations. However, I am willing to work in any style to fit your needs!

I do however reserve the right to refuse commissions if the content is deemed harmful or contains copyrighted characters/imagery. 

Where can I attend a gallery event? 

There will be many opportunities to see one of my galleries! Watch my social media for upcoming events. Most galleries are currently held in Portland, Oregon, but I travel for galleries frequently! Feel free to drop me a message and ask me to come to your town!

Do you sell your gallery art?

Yes! And if you are unable to attend a show, please contact me for any inquiries, or visit the shop!

Is your work published anywhere?

Yes! Many publications and magazines have shown my work, and volume 1 of my own book series, "The Art of Ian Michael Gray" is available at major book retailers NOW! Also available in my online shop. 

Can I use your art as a tattoo?

Here's the thing, while I am flattered that you would like to display my artwork permanently on your body,  keep in mind that in doing this, another artist is being paid for my original work, and most likely, putting my original work in their own portfolio. So I'm afraid, the answer is no. (unless you have contacted me for permission)

I would highly recommend you contacting me for a custom piece instead, that way all artists involved are supported properly, and you get something one of a kind! I also I do ask that the tattoo artist credits me for the design if it is used in their portfolio. 


If I buy an original piece at a gallery, do I own the copyright to it?

No, under no circumstances do you own the copyright unless it is  purchased separately or licensed. All artwork is licensed based on what products the artwork will appear on.

Will you make me something for exposure?


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