What are your mediums?

I primarily work in 3d design, but got my start as a filmmaker and visual effects artist! I pride myself in being a "jack of all trades", from sculpture, to robotics, to traditional painting, to digital CAD and 3d design!

Where can I see your work?

My full art portfolio is up here on imgeffects.com! You can also see me live at comic con events in the US, primarily in the northwest regions in Oregon, Washington, and California. I also frequently display my work at fine art galleries in Portland, Oregon.

My published portfolio book - "The art of Ian Michael Gray - Volume 1" is coming soon to bookstores worldwide, and features a full color portfolio of all my past work prior to the year 2021.

My robotics work can be seen at www.graystartechnologies.com, or on my youtube channel, www.youtube.com/graystartechnologies

How did you get started in the arts?

I come from a family of artists and engineers! I like to view myself as a "happy medium" and view my engineering as just another art form, and implement engineering techniques in my art!

Do you take commissions, or custom design work?

This is a complicated, and very common question,. As of right now as far as the public is concerned, the answer is unfortunately no, I do not view myself as a "service" and focus primarily on my own, work, and I make replicas of my sculptures available to the public in the store.

I WILL however, make custom work as part of a film set as a special effects or costume department, which is more part of my job description, and I understand the need for unique designs for film purposes.

I do however, understand how many would prefer custom work. So as a compromise, I am willing to offer custom colors of your choice on any of my 3d designs for a small fee.

I heard you do 3d printing and CNC/laser cutting, if I send you a file, can you manufacture it for me?

Unfortunately not, I do not currently have the resources and equipment for IMGeffects to offer on demand manufacturing services, and my equipment is reserved for my own designs only. IMGeffects is also not a service, and most downloadable files are non-commercial license, so even if I was a service, I can't legally sell you work that isn't your own, unless you have the rights to produce it from the original creator. But my machines are reserved for "IMGeffects" and "GrayStar Technologies" work exclusively.

If I use your work in a film or production, do I have to credit you?

Absolutely Yes.  I am the copyright holder to my original designs. You are welcome to use them in any film or production for no additional fee provided you have both:

A. Purchased the piece in question, or inquire about bringing me in as a visual effects department using the contact page!

B. Credit "Ian Michael Gray - IMGeffects" for special FX/costuming in any film credits/demo reels/music videos/professional photoshoots, etc

Where can your art be purchased?

My work is currently available via this website, live shows, and etsy ONLY. There have been instances in the past where fake companies have stolen photos from my store and created scam advertisements on social media. These sites are not me, and they don't have access to my work.

My books, and licensed products are available at bookstores, amazon, barnes and noble, and other book retailers.

Who does your product photography and video editing?

I do! everything you see, is made with my own two hands. Including my videos and promotional material.

Are you on social media?

Yes! I would love to connect with you!



Main instagram: instagram.com/ianmichaelgrayofficial

Art: instagram.com/imgeffects

Robotics: instagram.com/graystartechnologies

Robotics youtube: www.Youtube.com/graystartechnologies

tiktok: @imgeffects

What softwares do you use for design?

I primarily use Zbrush for artistic work, and fusion 360 for engineering and robotics

Is any of your art based on anything from film/tv/comic books or games?

In 90% of cases, no, I pride myself on focusing on my own ideas and creativity. I do not feel right selling another artist's work, "pop culture" or not. I DO however, occasionally make "fan art"for my own collection, my own personal cosplays, or for portfolio use. I will not however, sell fan art, as I do not have commercial license to do so.

If I want to get some of your work tattooed, can I?

Here's the thing, I am flattered you want my work permanently on your body, and welcome you to do so, on the condition you purchase a print of the two dimensional work being used, and credit me for the design. I would also prefer my designs were not added to your tattoo artist's portfolio unless they give me credit for the original design. This ensures all artists are properly supported, and no one is taking credit for work that isn't theirs. I am putting my trust in you to do the right thing, and ensure all creatives involved are supported. If you enjoy an artist's work, you would want to ensure all artists involved are comfortable with their work being used for this purpose of course!

I love your work! But can't afford it, can I have a discount?

Tell you what, go into any major department store and pick out some stuff, and ask them the same question. My answer is the same as theirs. My work is my entire source of income, and all my materials are purchased out of pocket, as much as I would LOVE for everyone to own one of my pieces, I've worked hard to keep my work as affordable as realistically possible, and I just can't go any lower on the price!

Do you do rentals on props and costume accessories?

Due to Covid 19 restrictions and sanitation/liability reasons, not at this time for individuals. Rentals are for film productions only. 

I see you do 3d design and 3d printing, would you be willing to share a 3d file of your work to 3d print them myself?

As much as I would like to, the answer is unfortunately, and will always be, no. the risk of my work being stolen or someone taking undeserved credit for it is simply too high, and the only way I can guarantee the safety of my work, is by keeping it exclusive to my own servers. This is unfortunately "a couple bad apples ruined it for the bunch" situation.

I WILL however, offer designs made specifically for free download in the future, but these designs will be fan art/cosplay pieces I do not sell or have in my store.

My robotic hand tutorial will include download files for 3d printing robot hand parts by scanning a QR code in the published book. Coming to book retailers soon!

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